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Archives 2005

The famous art faker goldielox2
and his grandfather are back

Mr. Goldberg otherwise known as goldielox2 (how come I don't feel a sense of "gildness" here?)
is in full swing selling grandpa’s false paintings. His grandfather, Joseph Goldberg, was born 1881
in Russia. He died in the U.S.A. in 1946.
Watch the two falsifications above, "Chagall" shown to the left and "Picasso" shown to the right

TV expert paid £20,000
for forger's worthless painting
Read more…

20 years in prison?
AP New York:
Manhattan art dealer says he sold fakes on Internet

for an original Renoir falsification
is indeed a lot of money

If you feel like being the fool of the year then go ahead and buy it.
Contact the seller, edgeextremesports Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, U.S.
but never say we didn’t warn you!
Or restrict yourself to following the sale
The seller: "Sold for $20,000,000.00. Auction ended early with Buy It Now".
According to artfakes’ information given to us by eBay, the Renoir painting
is not at all sold – it has been removed as a consequence of the fact
that eBay finally realized that their unfortunate business procedure having
so many false paintings go through their Internet Sites, is all wrong.
In time to come we expect to see less fake art at eBay and elsewhere on the Net.
But for the moment our mission, to reveal fake art, is far from the goal line.

  Fakes at Christie's and Bonhams
read more

December 7, 2005
Today 7
3,060 paintings and lots of drawings
are for sale at eBay. Not all of them are fakes.
However the
drawing shown below is

Watch this Pierre-August Renoir falsification
The seller: gwenniesgems, Santa Maria, California, United State



Once more the art faker jmharmia, Yakima, Washington,
United States offers the same Raoul Dufy falsification.
Look at Today's Art Forgery November 1, 2005
Watch the item

Picasso 1891-1897 FRAUD
"The biggest FRAUD in the History of Art"
By the author Rómulo-Antonio Tenés

Consult for free before you buy
Letter from a visitor

The American artist Pauline Walsh Jacobson:
"WARNING! Fake art being sold on eBay and Yahoo!"
Read more…


The seller of the painting shown to the left:

NO! That is NOT the question!
If you are unable to see that the painting shown to the left is a cheap copy
then you will never be able to see the difference between a copy (a fake) and a genuine artwork.
The painting shown to the right is an original oil painting by Pablo Picasso sold at Sotheby's in
New York November 9, 2000 for $7,200.000, Auction No. 7545 lot 37
If you try to sell the painting shown to the left for being a genuine artwork by Picasso
you are an art swindler and a criminal person.
Watch the sale of the Picasso-falsification shown above to the left

For the second time

Some weeks ago the world famous art faker Mr. Eric I. Spoutz
offered the same Picasso falsification. Now a friend of Mr. Spoutz tries to sell it

Watch the item

Karen deeply wants this beautiful painting


A new Picasso-Art-faker from United Kingdom

Watch the fake-seller
OCEAN GALLERY, Kent, United Kingdom:
We are established UK art dealers having been in the industry for the past 10 years.
Our reputation is paramount to our success. We have been instucted by one of our clients
to sell their work of art. Our client has acquired a large collection over the last 30 or so years
and due to his advancing years has decided to dispose of some of his collection.
He wants to leave something for his grandchildren.

There are a lot of galleries all over the world named Ocean Gallery but no one in Kent.
We, artfakes, believe that the seller is a liar and an art swindler.

Doctor Robert Porter:
If these pieces with phony signatures were produced in America, the persons
responsible would be rotting in jail right now, but because these cheesy
forgeries are produced overseas they seem to be immune from prosecution.

Man Pleads Guilty to Fraud Over Rembrandt
By Associated Press
October 14, 2005, 1:44 PM EDT

Godot! Where are you?
Artfakes is waiting! Buyers from all over the world are waiting! We are all
waiting for Mr. Eric I. Spoutz, for Mr. Toni Castelli, for Mr. Goldberg and for
all the other fake-art-sellers to plead guilty to fraud over
Picasso, Schiele, Gauguin and many more world-famed painters

One of many Picasso falsifications offered
by the art swindler Eric. I. Spoutz

Since October 1, 2005 readers from the following
countries have visited artfakes:

Mr. Goldberg and his Grandfather

Mr. Goldberg otherwise known as goldielox2 (how come I don't feel a sense
of "gildness" here?) is in full swing selling grandpa’s false paintings.
His grandfather, Joseph Goldberg, was born 1881 in Russia. He died in the U.S.A. in 1946.

Take a look at his recent Picasso fake here!


He’s here! He’s there! He’s everywhere!
Big Tony Castelli

The three Picasso-signed paintings have been offered by di-laurenti-auctions September 29, 2005.
October 5, 2005 Big Tony Castelli has offered the same paintings, all falsifications 

Mr. Eric I. Spoutz’s paintings declared to be forgeries!

The two paintings shown above signed Picasso and Matisse and offered by Mr. Eric I. Spoutz,
Detroit, Mi. are by Copy-Dan, who in Denmark administrates the copyrights of Picasso and Matisse,
declared to be forgeries. They are both reproduced in the yearbook Kunst under hammeren
 (Art under the hammer, ’05), which is planed to be published on October 14. 2005. In order to
depict (reproduce) the works of Picasso and Matisse a royalty must be paid. This however
Copy-Dan has not demanded for the two illustrations shown here, in spite of their having an examination
of the book BEFORE it was printed as generel rules demands. A genuine painting by Picasso
reproduced in the book has been paid for. Earlier on royalty has been paid for paintings done
by Matisse. In the yearbook ’05 the publishing house had to pay charge in order to show

reproductions from original works by Brancusi, Warhol, Picasso and de Vlaminck.
The same is true for a great number of Danish art works.

None of the paintings Mr. Erik I. Spoutz for month now has tried to sell (and actually sold to
a certain extent) at eBay were genuine. We are talking about world-famed names like Picasso
(most used), Matisse, Léger, Modigliani, Kandinsky, Chagall and many more.

This is how an art forger
practises his business

$5,000,000.00 for a Paul Gauguin falsification
including a »false« Wildenstein certificate

Don't bid for this painting

Six de Kooning falsifications offered
by the same fake seller:
rodmalta ( 43Feedback score is 10 to 49) About Me Feedback Score: 43
Positive Feedback: 97.8%
Member since Jan-03-03 in Malta

Fake 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Some facts about the greatest conman of today’s art history
 Mr. Eric I. Spoutz
from Detroit, Mi.

read also about his latest doings in selling art forgeries at eBay
signed (but never coming from) Picasso, Chagall, Kandinsky and Magritte
Read some more about his escapades at eBay

The Danish auction houses won’t see the difference
between Alfred Larsen & Alfred Larsen


Four genuine paintings by the Polish artist Wladyslav Chmielinski

The Internet Playground is teemed with false Chmielinski paintings, we saw
that in the past and we shall see that in the future. Therefore the staffs of artfakes
are most happy to have found out that the latest four paintings offered for sale at
eBay are genuine, which you can safely bid for. Good luck!
  Genuine Chmielinski No 1
Genuine Chmielinski No 2
  Genuine Chmielinski No 3
  Genuine Chmielinski No 4
(All of the paintings are sold)

"We better call a halt now – this Picasso mess!"

These are the words we’d like to here from the eBay team right now. Are there not
in the least a few honest people among the mentioned highly paid presidents, and vice-presidents
who want their business free of the art-faking taking place day by day at their Internet-site?
 We, keep pushing as long as it takes.

The painting above is one of four falsifications signed Picasso offered by the same
art swindler: ab-fab-things from Kent in Great Britain. Watch the sale
And take a look at the other three falsifications at
September 7, 8 and 9

Are you the lucky buyer?
Only $400.000 for this wonderful Paul Cézanne falsification, that’s really a gift.

Be happy! Buy it now!

Take a closer look at those eyes, were they stolen
from a genuine Picasso drawing?

Read the answer here

Before you buy paintings or drawings at eBay signed Picasso!

There are a few things you should know about before you consider buying “Picasso” paintings
or drawings at eBay. None of these effects are genuine works of the great master
Pablo Ruiz Picasso. So far all of them were fakes. However it is not possible to tell a fake
graphical work from a genuine one, they can be either one but they can also be pure
prints made after original works. But you can’t possibly decide from the shown
photographical represents at eBay which one is the fake and which one is not.

You are free to ask:

8, rue Volney, 75002, Paris, tel: 01 47 03 69 70, fax: 01 47 03 69 60

Don't pay $62.000 for this copy

The painting above is not the original "Madonna Enthroned between St. John
and St. Sebastian" (detail) painted by Perugino in 1493, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence.
It’s a copy.

(The seller ended this listing early because the item is no longer available for sale. Why?)

Take a look at the genuine Perugino
And see the original painting in full size

Is the above painting a genuine Picasso?
NO, it isn't. It's a well-known face from the Muppet Show
Take a look at the sale
And take a look at another sale form the same seller

$90.000 is a lot of money for (probably) a painting by C. von Reth
The highest auction price until now is $6.500, in 1997
Watch the sale

EBay Bidders Find Way to Fix Highest Bid
Take a trip to Iraq

So many visitors have asked artfakes
just how one can decide whether a painting,a drawing and the like is a fake or not.
The answer is that this is done
 in exactly the same manner as by any other comparison.
 Take for instance those two persons below! Most people can tell the difference.

They can do it because they know how the persons look like.
It’s a matter of visual recognition. In the very same manner art experts know how
to tell them apart, they recognize a genuine painting in many fine nuances,
 in style, in motives, in choice of colours and much more, things you can only learn
by studying art for many years, by devoting your life to art. Yet it must be said that
some rare cases do occur (but very seldom at eBay), where it becomes a hard nut to crack,
 but in the end even the most skilled art forgers are brought to light.
To clarify the problem we strongly encourage you to read our stories
about the most famous art forgers of today’s art history.

New York Daily News:
Beware of fakes and reworked pieces.
 Be wary of unscrupulous dealers who delight in scamming art buyers

(This listing (7342253417) has been removed by eBay)
– In short time we think that Mr. Eric I. Spoutz himself will be removed by the FBI –

One more falsification from Mr. Eric I. Spoutz
NOT painted by Magritte

What is this?

The seller: "Painting was discover in 1997 in the Moscow by S.Morozov.
Under acrylic painting.
It was inspected in Ministry Of Culture CCCP
In 1997 and having Official Stamp for Export abroad". What does this mean?
The painting has nothing to do with Picasso?
And the starting bid is $3.000.000,00
What is it all about?
Watch the sale
Bidding has ended for this item
NOT sold

What kind of fish is this?
Is it an original Klee fish?
We don't think so!
Watch the sale
Buyer ccatpappas7hv0 ( 19Feedback score is 10 to 49): WOW better than I expected. THANKS
The world's leading art collector, Mr. Eric I. Spoutz says about the Fish above:
"Item I last looked at"

The art historian Gerrit Henry:

Juan Gris didn’t care much about his own dead.
He went on painting.

Today’s greatest art swindler, Mr. Eric I. Spoutz from Detroit, Mi.
tries frankly to sell the picture shown above and ascribed to Juan Gris.
Mr. Gerrit Henry and Mr. Spoutz allege that this picture is painted in 1942.
But the artist died 1927
Watch the sale

Up till now visitors from more than 50 countries have called upon, of this alone 71% from the U.S.A.

Mr. Eric I. Spoutz about his falsifications:
"For practical purposes, it should be assumed that any respective attribution
has just as good of a chance of being by the hand of the respective master". This is rubbish. All of Mr. Eric I. Spoutz’s attributed paintings
are forgeries in the sense that they do not origin from the hand of any great master.
Copies and ten-dollars-amateur-paintings – that’s Mr. Spoutz’s speciality

Is the World's greatest Art Collector, Eric I. Spoutz
stupid? Read about his own copyright

Take a look her

All the sellers pictures are falsifications:
Signed Corot, Monet, Renoir, "Italian" paintings and the above nude signed Degas
Take a look at the falsifications
(Now removed by eBay)

We do not believe that the Picasso Administration is aware
of the forgeries bearing Picasso's name

  Take a look here

The art swindler Tony Castelli from Florida
is back now trying to sell three Picasso falsifications

Is this painting an original Picasso?
Of course not. It's a genuine painting made by the friends Mr. Castelli and Mr. Spoutz
Take a look at this two and a half dollar painting

(This listing (7335576087) has been removed by eBay or is no longer available)


Is this painting a genuine Matisse?
No, not at all! Just one more falsification from
Johnnygift77, East Hampton, USA.


Do you really want to pay $75.000,00
for a ten dollar picture?

(click here and look at the Manet-falsification, July 1)

Each day hundreds of false paintings, drawings and the like are for sale at eBay. cannot
cope with this stream of material we cannot for natural reasons register all of them, but this is
the same as saying that paintings not shown at are all genuine.
Constantly around 50.000 paintings are offered for sale at eBay. Most of them,
in our judgment, are not falsifications.

A false signature on a false painting – of course. Click on the picture

A painting in the style of Braque,
not an original work by the artist

Georges Braque did not paint this picture. Million-dollar-paintings which a picture
like this would cost, nobody even consider selling at eBay.

There is no doubt in our mind that the seller had it examined by an art expert, since
he sells it as attributed. But it can neither be sold as attributed, nor can it be
offered as a genuine work by Braque. In the style of Braque – yes, perhaps!
There is nothing more to it.
Starting bid $23.500 are peanuts for a
real Braque, but also it’s at least $23.000 too much for this work.
Watch the sale - art-moderne is known for falsifications
(NOT sold

A funny painting by Picasso or is it a fake?

Kelly Cox bought this picture. She also bought annother one signed Picasso
Take a look here

Is this picture a genuine work by the famous French fauvist, André Derain?
Take a look here

And then a Juan Gris forgery painted by a dilletant
 from Mr. Eric I. Spoutz’s stable

Take a look

NOT painted by Matisse and NOT attributed. This is a swindler's work
Take a look at Mr. Spoutz's other falsifications

Mr. Eric I. Spoutz spooks again

Mr. Spoutz is back. eBay’s greatest art swindler
called for a short break thanks to, but
unfortunately no longer, he is with us again
with more forgeries. This time, however,
calls upon the proper authorities, we call
upon Interpol to put an end to this whispering,
hole-and-corner business.


Were these three awfully done Picasso-falsifications
really sold for more than £20.000/ $36.000?
Who are the silly buyers?
And who is the criminel seller?

Take a look at the three ten dollar paintings: No.1, No.2, No.3
Take a look at the Bid History

The Danish online dealers fine-scandinavian-art
has NOT two genuine paintings by van Gogh and Gauguin
Take a look her
(The pictures are removed)


The World's Two Greatest Art Collectors,
Mr. Eric I. Spoutz (the First) and Mr. Eric I. Spoutz (the Second)

Mr. Eric I. Spoutz  the Second named Tony Castelli has just sold
this Léger-falsification to
xavi1940 (29Feedback score is 10 to 49) a Spanish buyer
for US $1,343.00
Take a look

Is Mr. Eric I. Spoutz, the world’s greatest art collector and
reseeding in Detroit Mi. the key figure behind the world’s
largest and thoroughly organized art forgery of today?

After eBay cancelled his membership, he now apparently has popped up under a different name
in Florida. On May 2, 05 he changed his username from Immsla into Imm-sla-auction, which was
closed by eBay on May 25, 05. It looks to us, like Mr. Spoutz goes on selling fakes under the name
castelli-fine-art, 33 est camino real, Boca Raton, Florida 33432. The very same false paintings by
for instance Picasso, Léger and Soutine, attempts by Mr. Spoutz to be sold as attributed, but they
are all falsifications and furthermore provided with false signatures. Using the term attributed demands
special knowledge and neither Mr. Spoutz (the First) nor Mr. Spoutz (the Second) does have those
qualifications. Therefore the paintings put forward for sale is to be considered falsifications.

An original Picasso? No, an original fake!
NOT sold!

Both Mr. Spoutz and castelli-fine-art are Square Trade members, that is,
they belong to an organization, whose rules they violate deeply.
Look at the rules

Has Mr. Eric I. Spoutz been expelled from eBay?

Or has he finally given it up
selling his false paintings?

From eBay User Agreement and Privacy Policy . User Agreement:
5.3 Fraud. Without limiting any other remedies, eBay may suspend or terminate your account if we suspect that you (by conviction, settlement, insurance or escrow investigation, or otherwise) have engaged in fraudulent activity in connection with the Site.

Eurofinearts are proud to have been commissioned by a private
collector to sell this old oil on canvas painting. The painting is dated 8.7.38.
but is NOT signed. It is without provenance, looks to be Picasso style
Please, take a look at the old original Picasso in Picasso style
And please send us a letter, when you find it!

One of Pablo Picasso's most famous masterpieces for sale.
Just $1.625,00
Buy it now. Mr. Spoutz, the great art collector, is waiting for you!

Read a new letter to from the world's greatest art investor
Mr. Eric I. Spoutz, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

Read this! has now, on massive request from our many visitors, prepared a page with the sole
purpose of drawing attention to paintings offered for sale at, the world’s largest Internet auction,
where Mr. Erik I. Spoutz from Detroit sells both falsifications and genuine works by famous artists.
In our opinion Mr. Spoutz should be excluded from eBay, but eBay’s leading staff shows apparently
no interest in doing so, as to the fact that they earn a lot of money by co-operating with
this practice – they care for nothing but great fees is the only impression that one can get from this. 

 Link to Mr. Spoutz's page

Names like Picasso, Chagall, Matisse and many more spooks
in Mr. Spoutz’s fantasy world. See for yourself.

All famous artists but none for sale at eBay; it's all bubbles from Alice in Wonderland.

Two paintings by "Paul César Helleu" (1859-1927)
The painting shown to the left one tries to sell attributed on ebay.
 The painting to the right is a genuine Helleu, which was sold
May 6, 2004, for $300.000,00 plus fee at Sotheby's.
Can you tell the difference?
The painting has been removed by eBay


Are you willing to pay $99.999.999.00
for this fish painted by an original-listed artist
in James Dover-style?

Bidding has ended for this item

0 bids

Is this an original Gauguin?

We,, have our doubt. We do not fancy the face of the
woman to the right. It looks too smooth and it seems painted in
a modern style. Furthermore we do not like the right hand
arm and fingers of the woman shown to the left.
But we strongly encourage the visitors to investigate for
themselves the 5500-plus piece collection of Mr. Peter Teekamp,
which, no doubt about that, are fabulous presented at the latter’s homepage.

May 12, 2005. Peter Teekamp in an e-mail to
"Thank you for your feedback. We do appreciate it greatly and we
have no doubts whatsoever:) Best Regards".
The starting bid is now $500.000,00
Bidding has ended. No bids.

August 2005:
News from Peter Teekamp


If you consider buying paintings from
Eric I. Spoutz and his company,
Imm-sla auctions,
thinking that these works are genuine or attributed by Matisse, Egon Schiele, Picasso, Chagall,
de Kooning or others,
you are making a fool of yourself. These paintings have never felt
the brush of the famous painters mentioned above. It is an enormous international scandal,
that eBay allows Mr. Spoutz to put these falsifications forward for sale.

Is this wonderful painting painted by the great art seller, Mr. Eric I. Spoutz himself?
And is it a self-portrait?
It is NOT painted by Pablo Picasso
Take a look at the comic picture

Bidding has ended for this item
0 bids
May 2, 2005 received a letter from the ”famous” art collector Eric I. Spoutz,
Michigan, U.S.A. in which he now tells us that he will no longer sell his paintings as attributed.

But many are constantly offered as attributed and acquired from the artist, which can only
give artfakes the impression that Pablo Picasso himself sold these falsifications, the very same
forgeries, which Mr. Spoutz are now putting forward for sale at What’s the logic behind this?
Well, you’ll have to ask Mr. Spoutz!

To us he wrote (quote): Everything from this point forward shall be sold as "ascriptions and afterworks",
per the terms and conditions of the respective auction listings.
(Unquote). The terms “Ascriptions and afterworks” do not exist within the world of art, these are unknown
ideas invented for one purpose only, as seen from our look-out they are mend to confuse and to divert
the buyers attention to what he eventually is going to buy, namely a forgery.

This is why Eric I, Spoutz moves on selling his trivial amateur paintings as attributed. He hereby gives
 the buyer the wrong impression that the paintings in question could very well be genuine works
made by the famous names they carry.

Read the letter from Mr. Spoutz

Meet the clever and the fabulous "artseller" Mr. Spoutz himself

Oh, my God...!

galeriemk tries to sell this amateur painting (pastel)
as was it an original Renoir. And the seller will sell it for only $150!
But it was sold for $7.700
Put him in jail...!


Another "Schiele" on eBay. Take a look below
Look: This "Degas" is NOT a's a fake


An American Art Collector:
Dear Mr. Madsen

If you do not remove all mention of lmmsla and or the artworks represented by this source
 within 10 days of receipt of this email, I will have no hesitation of have two of my leading attorney's, Christian F. Matthews III included, to immediately, upon expiration of the 10 day period
 file suit against you for Libel.  Personally, I will be indifferent to what the cost of litigation
 would cost, as I will simply be acting based upon principal.
Eric I. Spoutz

The painting to the left is an original work by Egon Schiele from 1917 painted in Tempera.
The painting to the right is a Watercolor attributed Schiele and offered on
by Eric I. Spoutz, a "wellknown" American Collector in Detroit, Art Investor, Art Consultant
and the President of the Eric I. Spoutz Collection of Fine Art.
Anybody can see, that the picture to the right is NOT painted by Egon Schiele.
Christie's: we do not believe any of the works are by ...their purported artists

Dr. Gachet: Musée d'Orsay, Paris
Not an original painting by van Gogh,
but a copy probably painted
    by Doctor Gachet himself

Take a look at recently
(not genuine)
shown art forgeries on

One "original" Picasso
 and three "originals"
by "Jorn" were sold
for approxymately $5.000
all together
But each one of them
is a falsification

Falsifications of
Wladyslaw Chmielinski.
A great problem...

An interesting (even funny)
story from Sotheby's

This is not a Jorn

This young lady is NOT a genuine
work by Egon Schiele. Has the seller bought it from Eric I. Spoutz, Immsla,
the "Schiele-expert"?
Take a look here The world's leading place
for buying and selling art forgeries

Take a click here > Cybercrime must be taken seriously

Mr. Boris Baich, the "Gauguin"-owner links to

They try again to sell the fakes
Take a look here

Latest news The document from a Slovenian Museum
is no documentation for two genuine paintings

(Look at the differencies between this fake and an original Gauguin)
Are you willing to start with a 5 million dollar bid for this painting
including another one (below) by the same artist?
They are offered as original oil paintings done by the world famous French painter
Paul Gauguin (1848-1903), but they never glanced at the artist's palette.
They are real original forgeries, estimated by the seller
between US $5,000,000.00 and US $10,000,000.00
plus the winner has to pay 12,5% buyer's premium
Latest news:
Warren Styles: "I am not the seller"
But can we trust him?

The seller is auctionbrokers
and Boris Baich, Glendale, Arizona
with a positive feedback on 95,5%

Look at this site too
(Where Boris Baich links to

Who are the criminel people selling these falsifications?

Is this picture painted by Paul Gauguin?
NO, it is not!
Take a look at for more details

(April 10, 2005 the item has beeen removed by eBay)
NEW: Look at the item before it was removed
NEW: And read, what "the seller" told


The auction date primary set to April, 23/5 was cancelled
as a direct consequence of artfakes' intervention.

What has to say:

"Millions of buyers and sellers already know: eBay is a thriving marketplace
full of great deals, and a safe, reliable place to trade with other people.
eBay's Trust and Safety programs, policies and services enable community
 members to buy with confidence. Here are a few tips to help ensure that you trade safely
and enjoyably in the eBay marketplace".

The Company - Executive Team

Translation by author Erik Morsing  (home page)