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Quality Oil Paintings & Royal Danish Porcelain
Hello! My name is Erling Strange - I'm danish. From the native town of fairy-tale poet H.C. Andersen I export Danish Works of Art all over the world. On Ebay.com You will find a selection of original, quality oil paintings.
I do not sell fake-art, modern copies of classic works or similar items.

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Current Auction Item:

Alfred Larsen (1856 - 1942)

ITEM:          Antique painting from the danish landscape master Alfred Larsen. Painting has been cleaned. Top quality danish oil on canvas.Ready to hang !

Estimated Gallery Price: 3000-4000 USD (see also note 2. below)

The painting above is not false, but the Danish painter Alfred Larsen (1856-1942) did not paint it. It comes from a much younger painter bearing the same name and its value is far from 3.000 – 4.000 dollars as estimated but rather in the region of 150 – 200 dollars.


And the painting shown below is NOT painted by Soren Bjulf as claimed but by Christian Mortensen, as one can clearly see from the signature Chr. M.

Chr. Mortensen had specialized in copying Soren Bjulf’s paintings with the fishing women on Gammel Strand (Old beach) in Copenhagen and deliberately signs them in order to misjudge the signature.

Remember the sellers words: I do not sell fake-art

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