The Danish auction houses won’t see
the difference between Larsen & Larsen

Alfred Larsen (1886-?) certainly painted the landscape shown above in the midst twenties century, but we can guarantee that the world-famed artist his namesake the Alfred Larsen (1860-1946) has nothing to do with it. His paintings are worth a lot more. The painting shown here and put forward for sale is worth at most 200 dollars. The seller estimates the painting himself at 1.800 – 2.000 dollars. He probably doesn’t know about that but any auction house ought to!! These kinds of misunderstandings among bidders do often happen so be wary of what you bid for!

Below you can read a mixed-up description, a no end of a row of time and figures, and we believe that the auction house is, in full, taking advantage from these facts hoping to gain a lager profit – this is today’s moral as we have witnessed it during the past 6 months.
Watch the sale:

The seller, scandinavian-porcelain, Copenhagen, Denmark:
Here you are offered an adorable landscape oil by the listed Danish artist Alfred Larsen featuring lush green fields with beautiful cattle grazing or laying in the sun. There are lovely green trees beyond, and above is a wonderful bright blue sky accentuating this lovely day in the country side with an air of peace and quite. This fabulous painting from the early 20th century is held in predominately green, white, brownish and light blue colors making a wonderful color scheme with a beautiful light coming from above.

Signed "Alfred Larsen" (1860-1946), a well-listed Danish artist. He was trained as a carver and from 1878-1884 he attended the Royal Danish academy of Art. He also studied with P.S. Krøyer for a while. He exhibited at the Charlottenborg Spring Exhibitions between 1883 and 1947, on the Great Nordic Exhibition in Copenhagen 1888, in Münich, London and Paris 1894, in Stockholm 1897 and on a number of other Danish exhibitions.

The painting is from the early 20 th century.
Estimated: $1,800-2,200. No reserve auction.