We do not believe that the Picasso Administration is aware
of the forgeries bearing Picasso's name

ASTOUNDING IT IS that the two art crooks, Tony Castelli from Florida and Eric I. Spoutz from Detroit (possibly one and the same repellent person) have not long time ago been summoned by the Picasso family (WHO WE INTEND TO CONTACT IN THIS CONNECTION?) Their assembly belt forgeries are an outrage against Picasso as a world-famed artist, itís an insult toward all true artistic honesty, and these crooks object in doing this, is solely to fill their pockets by deceiving naive buyers, who (by the aid of cunning confidence tricks) are kept in the belief that they get genuine art pieces from great world-famed masters. The eBay company is managed by a bunch of spineless individuals turning their blind eye towards the swindle. ONE BILLION DOLLARS NET PROFIT Ė thatís the amount that the eBay company took in during the year 2004. So! Why not take a good laugh over the many blockheads buying these pieces, just frames and canvas? Why not rub their hands to crooks like Castelli and Spoutz and the like, who certainly do know for sure that their paintings and pictures and drawings are all forgeries.

The Picasso Administration