This is not a Jorn

This painting has been offered on eBay (but not sold) for being a genuine oil-painting by the international
 wellknown Cobra-painter, Asger Jorn (1914-73), but it isn't!
The picture is af fake, far away in style of Asger Jorn. It can't even be sold attributed to Jorn.
Look at the item on eBay

The seller informs:
Asger Jorn oil painting - COBRA - European masterpiece!
ğI will start bidding out at $1500.00 and do reserve the right to end early if local interest peaks.  In addition, I am formally calling this work as "attributed" to Asger Jorn since I do not have the undisputed absolute proof of its authenticity.  I will tell you that I showed it to another art historian who did think it a Jorn but remember Elmer de Hory, the great forger?  He even fooled Karel Appel (CoBrA) with his own painting!  Anyway, I believe it to be the real thing and I appreciate your looking.   Good luck.  Please e-mail me with any further assistance I may lend.  my best, Jeremy HoweĞ.
Some days later, the seller wrote: The "buy it now" price is now at $15,000

İ Preben Juul Madsen