received one more letter from
The Art Investor and Art Consultant,
Mr. Eric I. Spoutz, Imm-sla auctions
" handle the dispute between You and I."

May 21, 2005

Mr. Madsen,
Below, please find the contact information for the Law Firm, which I have retained to handle the dispute between You and I.
If necessary, I will also solicit the services of Christian F. Matthews III, to act as my American representative.
Jeppe Brogaard Clausen, Esq.

MAQS Law Firm


Pilestręde 58

DK-1112 Copenhagen K.

Phone + 45 3312 4522

Fax + 45 3393 6023



Eric I. Spoutz

Eric I. Spoutz, Art Investor, Art Consultant,
President of the Eric I. Spoutz Collection of Fine Art;
Fisher Building, 3011 W. Grand Blvd, Suite 216, Detroit, MI 48202