received a letter
The Art Investor and Art Consultant, Mr. Eric I. Spoutz, lmmsla:
"I am not an art expert"

Dear Mr. Madsen,
In response to your inquiry listed on ; no.
None of the artworks that have come from this source on eBay have anything to do with the marketing endeavors of lmmsla.
In consideration for what you have been purporting on your website, I have advised the independent operator of lmmsla to no longer refer to the artworks as "attributions" that are being marketed under that name, or any other associated with my collection.
Everything from this point forward shall be sold as "ascriptions and afterworks", per the terms and conditions of the respective auction listings.
I have no need nor desire to attempt to deceive collectors who are searching for artworks on eBay.  It is only my intention to sell the artworks from my collection to those who care to buy them for what they are.
Please NEVER refer to me as an expert on the artworks of Egon Schiele. I AM NOT, and have never proclaimed myself to be!
I am only a recognized expert, who is able to authenticate artworks by a select number of contemporary American masters such as Lowell Blair Nesbitt.

It is my sincere desire to reach an understanding with you, in hope that will cease your slanderous statements of my name and reputation on your website.
P.S.: If clients on eBay are searching for fully authenticated artworks by masters of any period, I am indeed able to provide those, despite the ridiculous assumptions and public proclamations you have made on your site.  I have in the past, do at present, and will in the future continue to represent, and derive the bulk of my income from the sales of fully authenticated masterworks (IE. Zervos Catalogued Picasso's; Thaw Catalogued Pollock's; Wildenstein Catalogued Monet's; Corpus R. Catalogued Rubens; Juliet Wilson B. Catalogued Goya's, etc...). 
Eric I. Spoutz

Eric I. Spoutz, Art Investor, Art Consultant,

President of the Eric I. Spoutz Collection of Fine Art;
Fisher Building, 3011 W. Grand Blvd, Suite 216, Detroit, MI 48202