This painting is NOT a genuine work
by Egon Schiele.
Watch the sale

The seller of the picture to the left  is galeriemk

The buyer is rose210249

What has lmmsla (Eric I. Spoutz) to say about rose210249: "Good buyer, promt payment, values costumer, highly recommended".

What has galeriemk to say about rose210249:
"Fast payment. Pleasant & promt buyer. Thank you very much".

All three sellers above are selling "Egon Schiele". But non of them are genuine works by the famous Austrian artist.

In March 2005 rose210249 bought a painting by "de Kooning" from galeriemk. This painting is not a genine work by de Kooning.
After wrote about Immsla (Eric I. Spoutz), Detroit, Michigan, he has removed his Public profile. You cannot anymore see the buyers and the sellers comments. How can anyone trust that man?

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