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The Museum of Art Fakes, across from the Hundertwasser-house in Vienna, is the only one of its kind in Austria. The museum showcases fakes of great masters, including Schiele, Klimt, van gogh, Monet, Turner, Rembrandt, etc., but also Klimt´s "Judith i", da Vinci´s "Lady with Hermelin", drawings by Schiele and many more.
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The American artist Pauline Walsh Jacobson:
"WARNING! Fake art being sold on eBay and Yahoo!"
Since April 2004, E-Auction-Air has been the world’s leading independent talk radio program covering eBay, online auctions and online commerce.

A comprehensive forensic study, dated 12-27-2002 of the authenticated works of the father of Pablo Ruiz Picasso, José Ruiz Blasco, fraudulently attributed by Picasso to himself since 1932.
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Alan Bamberger:
How To Sell Fake Art On eBay And Make
Big Money

John Seed:
eBay Art Forgeries
Has eBay Become the Sotheby's for Hicks?

Attorney general sues eBay forgeries seller

"He said that he was a fan of my paintings and he had just seen some of my paintings for sale on ebay, under another artist's name!"

The Man is on To You.
IRS to Tax EBay Income

Is an eBay store worth the investment?
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Online auctions such as eBay continue to be among the most dangerous places for inexperienced bidders to shop for art



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Ingalls, Susan:
Tricky Pictures: Telling Real Art from Fake, 1986
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Fake: The Story of Elmyr De Hory, the Greatest Art Forger of Our Time, 1969
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