Mr. Eric I. Spoutz's copyright

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Look at this painting signed Kandinsky. But it has nothing to do with Kandinsky.

The worldís leading art collector Mr. Eric I. Spoutz (according to Mr. Eric I. Spoutz himself) has now, lead by his immense frustration by being exposed by artfakes as a common art swindler and thereby forced to sell his forgeries to naive buyers only, marked his paintings with the copyright sign and with the imm-sla-auctions ditto.


By doing so Mr. Spoutz indirectly confesses that the world-famed artists did not paint the pictures in question, which Mr. Spoutz, up till now, wrongfully made potential buyers believe that the were. Here we are talking about names like Picasso, Kandinsky, Chagall, Matisse and many more. He, Eric I. Spoutz, has of course the copyright to his own pictures and to the paintings done by his amateur painters under the assumption that they were given to him by those individuals.

What he has not is the copyright to world-famed artists paintings. These artists alone have these copyrights.


And does Mr. Spoutz really think that by making this move, he can stop the publicity of his forgeries by putting these stamps across his pictures? By far he canít, because he didnít take artfakes into consideration. According to international laws concerning copyright regulations it is free to depict works of art, even falsifications, when the question has to do with bringing up some actual daily news. And thatís what we are talking about here.


Apart from the fine stamps mentioned Mr. Spoutz brought a new person, Mr. Gerry W. Henry, in front to issue certificates that the false paintings presume attributed to the great artists mentioned above. No matter who that Mr. Henry is, no art expert will ever make that kind of attribution. To our (artfakes) opinion those pictures remain forgeries, and that goes for the documents too. The latter might be genuine, but only in the sense that they belong to pictures not sold by Mr. Eric I. Spoutz.

Mr. Eric I. Spoutz's latest certificate maker, the unknown Gerrit V. Henry.
Is he an art expert or is he a bike-mender?

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