The same seller, the same buyer,
the same collection, the same COA

This picture signed Picasso was sold for only $7.700 (below) and only two bids were given. The first one a 100 dollar bid, the next one, and the winning bid, five hours later. A similar painting by Pablo Picasso is worth at least about $100.000-200.000.
Why sell it for $7.700 on eBay?

This drawing signed Picasso was sold for $2.026.00. The seller was Ecco Corps and the buyer was Kelly Cox, the very same person who bought the painting shown to the left. And both pictures were sold by the same seller, Ecco Corps. Ms Kelly Cox sent some letters to artfakes as well as to Mr. S.E. Hendriksen. Read more...

About the two pictures above

The very same story goes with all the sellers pictures, the seller whose name is Ecco Corps:

This artwork was given by Picasso to Douglas Cooper (1911-1984) a well known art curator, critic, art historian and personal friend.



There is no evidence that the two pictures were given to Mr. Cooper by Picasso.


The seller, Ecco Corps:
Picasso and Mr. Cooper were well known friends and collaborators.

This does not prove that the two pictures originate from Picassoís hand

The seller, Ecco Corps:
These drawings were purchased in Monte Carlo by the current owner from Mr. Cooper in Aug. of 1979. All Fees were paid to the Picasso Succession, and relevant taxes to the French government before these drawings were allowed to leave France.


It is not proven( neither in written nor in any other way) that it has to do with the two pictures mentioned. 


The seller, Ecco Corps:

"These drawings are part of a collection that was donated to Ecco Corps, a non-profit conservation cooperation operating in South Africa. All proceeds from this sale are to fund community conservation efforts around the World. For more information on Ecco Corps and Community conservation efforts please email, as eBay does not allow the posting of website addresses.br> A letter from Ecco Corps giving the history of the artwork and provenance will accompany this sale. A certified copy of a letter from Paloma Picasso referencing an exhibit of this collection, as well as a copy of a handwritten letter by Maya W. Picasso also referencing the collection will accompany this artwork as provenance for the collection".



Only letters from Paloma and Maya Picasso are referred to that confirm an exhibition of a collection, not the fact that the two pictures were part of this collection. This is the same as saying that you have a letter from a museum telling that an exhibition has occurred by some artist. Nothing whatsoever can be used as a documentation for the pictures shown here 1) to be done by Picasso,  2) that they were handed over to Mr. Cooper and finally3)  that they were part of the exhibition mentioned above.

artfakes.dk asked Ecco Corps per e-mail whether they are putting those pictures foreward for sale, but after two days Ecco Corps hasnít yet answered to our enquiry.

At the internet address http://www.eccocorps.org Ecco Corps appears more or less anonymous, no names, no address or other important piece of information, just a single e-mail assumes somebody at the end of the line.

One can be surprised that a firm, who according to their own piece of information have been given a number of valuable paintings, where the money is meant to poor African people and humanitarian work, do not try to sell at the highest bidder but sell at eBay 10 to 20 times below the market price.


Something surely could indicate that Ecco Corps were given the information that the paintings in question are forgeries, and this is the reason for selling at eBay, where one would normally not sell genuine paintings, watercolour, gouache or drawings by Picasso or other famous names. And certainly not for a dollar and a dime.


There seams to be some untrustworthy fakery about this Ecco Corps project.

Read also what the eBay expert Allan Bamberger writes about this mysterious Ecco Corps project:


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