TIVOLI and the art

Tivoli is a lot more than good restaurants, amusements, concerts, great display of fireworks, world-famed PH-lamps and the tallest merry-go-round in the world. For decades some of Denmark’s greatest visual artists have contributed to the yearly poster. We can tell you that the fascinating young artist Anders W. Ø. Larsen, born 1974, has done the 2006-poster.


Among other things Tivoli writes the following about this artistic element on its homepage:

"Since 1976, the year where Tivoli’s yearly posters were introduced, more than 30 artists have interpreted the Tivoli-universe each in their way and with their own distinctive character and line. This year is not an exception; here a Danish young artist has been given the opportunity to show us his idea of the institution named Tivoli. His name is Anders W. Ø. Larsen and he represents quite a new and narrative style, which is progressing among young artists today all over the world.”


You can also visit Tivoli’s homepage here. 


In the summertime 2007

Grøften, a famous restaurant in Tivoli, April 12, 2006

A returning annual tradition is also that the composer and writer Benny Andersen, (shown to the left), together
with his friend the singer and composer Poul Dissing, two of Denmark’s most popular entertainers,
complete the season in Visevershuset (a kind of a song house, closed i 2006).
Here they are photographed in 2004.

© artfakes.dk Preben Juul Madsen

The laser light and the magnificent incidental music is indeed a stirring sense impression, which
one feels the best from the bridge.


December is some special experience in Tivoli with quite its own
atmosphere, which you won’t find elsewhere.