This picture sold on eBay for $12.100 is not a genuine Picasso

April 07-2005 2:28 AM:
The seller,, wrote to
Thanks for your email we checked out and I tell you now......Who is the expert behind this comments???...., Regarding the investigation I just made and tracking your website and IP direction is you, the same owner of this email........this is a page made from a person who critics persons that sells because they are not galleries but persons....what credentials does he or she have for do any case I just reported to eBay and authorities and I have a piece with 2 COAs made from recognized experts that assure this is from Picasso, so who shoud be right??????
Do you think this intimates me? There allways will be frustrated people trying to intimidate serious sellers like me, so if you had a bad experience with ebay just do not trade on eBay anymore and continue your life and let others continue theirs......
Thnaks anyway for your email I will take it in care for next postings......Ad be aware as I will take further actions with eBay to end things like the ones you are doing.
Regards and please use other sellers for your proposes.....

April 07, 2005 6:41 PM:
The seller,, wrote to
Dear Sir:
As you suggested and for been sure the sell was suspended untill I take the piece to the experts who certificate then and to sothebys also. Once I get their confirmation and word I will re consider to return the piece to the consignor or sell it again.
We do take in care all the emails we receive and for us is very important to be sure to confirm all the complaints and good opinions we receive.
We are just sellers and try to do a good work but we do take in care all the comments we receive. Thanks for your email and as soon I have news I will let you know before we take a decision.
Have a nice day.