Letter from Tony Castelli

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From: "Tony Castelli" <big_tony98@hotmail.com>
Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2005 11:54 PM
Subject: If you know whats good for you

> Listen, whoever the hell you are I couldnt care the fuck less, I am not Eric
> I. Spotz nor do I know who the asshole is.  Take my information and number
> off your lousy, half-assed, shit-faced website. If the art I sell is similar
> to someone else; don't make the immidate assumtion that you KNOW it is
> connected to someone I have NEVER even heard of.  If you don't take my name
> and information off your mother fuckin site I will I will have to resort to
> harsh business tactics, which may include suing the shit out of you.  I have
> many friends in YOUR IMMEDIATE AREA in Denmark; please DO NOT FORCE ANYTHING
> I would hope that you have enough sense to do whats best.
> Email me directly if you have any questions or comments to make.
> T.  Castelli


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